St. Croix Ecology

DID YOU KNOW... Spacious, pristine beauty is a rare find, yet on St. Croix it is in abundance everywhere you look! Sweeping vistas reveal tropical waters glistening in every shade of blue imaginable, and a few you never though possible! Rising hills bordering the rain forest tower with giant mahogany trees 150 years old. Hibiscus, Bougainvillea, Red Ginger, Ixora, Poinsettia, and Bird of Paradise provide dramatic splashes of vibrant colors throughout the year. Even the trees here flower -- the fragrant frangipani in red, pink, yellow or white; the yellow or pink poui, striking at its height of 80 feet in full bloom; and the majestic Royal Poinciana, with its seed pods over two feet in length and vibrant blossoms giving it the nickname "the flame tree."

Pelicans dive the coves for fish, frigate birds glide effortlessly on the unending tradewind currents, egrets follow the Senepol cattle herds, hummingbirds and sugar birds dart among the flowers, and the island's equivalent of the squirrel -- the fast footed mongoose -- races across the road.

Sea turtles return each year to nest on the beaches. The endangered giant leatherbacks, the small green turtles, and the distinctive hawksbill, emerge from the sea, scoop out the sand, and lay their eggs. In the following months, thousands of two inch turtles made a mad dash to the sea, and only several dozen will survive to adulthood. Turtle watch groups monitor the nesting sites, and visitors may join the summer nighttime watches by contacting the St. Croix Environmental Association.

But perhaps the favorite of all island wildlife is the tiny gecko - about six inches long at best, this little lizard is fast and funny, and welcomed because it eats the mosquitoes! .

1 THROUGH JANUARY 7, DAY OR NIGHT “Ah Drive Thru Christmas in Paradise” Teddy’s Party & Rentals, Orange Grove Decorated showcase display of cultural Christmas themes and scenes. (340) 277-6704

1 THROUGH JANUARY 7, DAY OR NIGHT “Ah Showcase of Crucian Culture Reflections” Art @ Top Hat Gallery, Company Street Decorated showcase display of traditional cultural themes and artifacts.  (340) 692-2787

1 THROUGH JANUARY 7 “Ah Glow In The Park” Limpricht Park Tree Festival King Street, Christiansted Decorated trees on display. (340) 626-6477 or (w340) 643-9888

3 FRIDAY, 10AM 33rd Annual Children Race King & Fisher Streets, Frederiksted 800 meters. (340) 643-2557,

4 SATURDAY, 10AM 38th Annual Three Kings Mile Claude O. Markoe School, Frederiksted (340) 643-2557,

4 SATURDAY, 11AM-6PM Annual Membership BBQ & Parade Viewing Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts Feast and fete under the tent!  Members free; $10. Non-members. (340) 772-2622

5 SUNDAY, 11AM 16th Annual Dolphin Sea Swim Frederiksted Pier to Rainbow Beach This 1-mile swim, with multiple age categories, awards top 3 swimmers in each group and to the fastest parent/child team.  Fun for all ages! Register by Jan 3. (340) 719-7946, Facebook.

9 THURSDAY, 5:30-6:30PM Guest Lecture Series Danish West India & Guinea Co. Warehouse The Friends of the St. Croix National Parks hold monthly lectures that discuss topics regarding current research at our three national parks. (340) 277-9642,

11 SATURDAY, 7PM-11PM 10th Anniversary Dance Party Fundraiser Sugar Mill Veterinary Center SMVC and Sunshine Foundation celebrate a decade of caring for pets and providing veterinary care and low-cost spay/neuter services.  Lite bites, cash bar, DJ Slik.  

16  THURSDAY, 5-8PM Art Thursday Downtown Christiansted Galleries & shops show the works of artists & jewelry makers. A favorite of visitors and locals. Facebook. 

17  FRIDAY, 6-9PM Sunset Jazz Buddhoe Park, Frederiksted Bring a blanket or beach chair and catch the holiday sounds. Free. Food and drinks available. 

19  SUNDAY, 6AM Annual Martin Luther King Fort-To-Fort Run VI Pace hosts this 15.5-mile run between Ft. Christiansvaern & Ft. Frederik. (340) 643-2557

25  SATURDAY, 5AM  11th Annual St. Croix Scenic 50 Run East End of Company Street Start Marathon course, 50 mile/50K/relays.Register online. (340) 513-2508 28  TUESDAY, 6:30PM “New Year, New Me” Workshop Paradise Chiropractic and Wellness Center Learn the steps to make 2020 your best year yet!

31 FRIDAY, 5:30-7:30PM Jazz in the Park Ft. Christiansvaern Bandstand Catch cool sounds on the Christiansted harbor! Bring chairs, blankets, coolers & friends. Community Music, Inc. Free.  (340) 277-9642

This months full events here

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Beach Guide

Did you know... St. Croix is ringed by beaches of all shapes and sizes, some are long white sand stretches, others are small patches shaded by low sea grape trees and towering coconut palms. Some have smooth sandy bottoms ideal for swimming, and others have rock and coral-lined entries perfect for snorkeling!

Did you know... St. Croix is the only Caribbean Island where a diver can:
●Dive a wall that drops over 13,000 feet
●Dive a reef that is the largest living reef of any Caribbean Island
●Dive five wrecks that are within 100 yards of each other
●Dive a pier        


Weddings / Romance

DID YOU KNOW THAT... Many couples are opting to save the money (not to mention the stress and hard work) of a big wedding at home by escaping to a Caribbean island for a combination wedding/honeymoon. Upon their return, they can share the event by showing the video and photographs at an informal reception.

All the islands are beautiful and, on some, weddings have become a major promotional tool. So why should you choose St. Croix above others?


Moving Here

DID YOU KNOW... In addition to it's long and rich multicultural history, friendly people, open spaces, the blue sea and near perfect year-round weather, there are a number of reasons to consider relocating to St Croix. Most importantly, the U.S. Virgin Islands, which includes St Croix, operate under U.S. law which is important in both business and personal matters. 

This means mainland US companies do business here including retail stores such as K-Mart, Radio Shack, Office Max, McDonald's and Wendy's. Also U.S. financial services including a variety of U.S. mortgage, insurance and banking companies offer local service.  U.S. cellular phone companies including AT&T and Sprint, both operate here.


Arriving By Cruise Ship

Our Port

The Ann E. Abramson Pier is named in honor of the Virgin Islands Public Works Commissioner who was responsible for much of the rejuvenation of the Frederiksted area. This is the pier where most of the large cruise ships dock, as well as military ships, submarines, and other naval vessels. From time to time, tall-ships especially from Denmark, can be seen here.

The dock itself has been a favorite diving place especially for viewing bright coral, sponges, and a multitude of fish life. A night dive should reveal the sea-horses unique to this pier. Visitors arriving at the pier often walk through the small town of Frederiksted and walk to the nearby beaches and beach club     

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